A few weeks back Philip Coxwell, one of our production volunteers, shot this great time-lapse video that chronicles the set up process we go through each week in the Lee-Scott gymnasium. If you think this is cool, there’s even more that happens in the cafeteria and other areas for our amazing Cornerstone Kids ministry.

I’ve watched this video several times now with other people over the last few weeks, and I just love it. For one, it’s just interesting to see what all happens in the hours leading up to our worship gathering each week. But even more than that – when I look at this video I see the heart of our church. It’s a heart that trusts the Holy Spirit’s leading and then follows – even if it’s to seemingly unconventional or uncomfortable places. It’s a heart that understands the importance of serving rather than being served. And it’s a heart that’s compelled and committed to a vision of leading people to know and serve Jesus.

It’s amazing to see these people serving their hearts out and then think of the part they play in lives being transformed – both now and in the future. But what is even more beautiful is that behind these few people we see on this video, I know there is a whole army of people at both of our Lee-Scott and Hamilton Road locations that take this same heart and resolve into their everyday lives – putting on broad display the light and love of Jesus that our world so badly longs for.

To sum this all up I just have one thing to say: I love our church. And I think Jesus loves it too. Thanks for the way that so many of you follow Jesus in the way of laying down your life for the sake of others.

Josh Agerton
Site Pastor, Lee-Scott

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