Many of you already know Scott as the bald headed IT guy for Cornerstone Church. Scott has been on staff for four years giving leadership to our information technology and web site strategy. A few months ago we added to his role when we asked him to lead our daily financial efforts.

Scott graduated from the University of AL Birmingham with a degree in accounting. While his passion centers around technology, we realized he also has the skills to manage our finances. Scott works closely with our finance team to make sure all our income is properly counted and recorded. He also impacts our financial strategy as part of the bigger team that works with our cash flow and budget.

Scott is close to completing a Masters in Theology from Liberty University. He is also a very talented (and humble) photographer as you can see if you go to his blog.

We are fortunate to have Scott on the staff team as our Business Administrator. If you haven’t had a chance to meet him yet, take a few minutes and grab him on a Sunday morning. Just don’t stand there too long or he might whip out his iPhone and take your picture.

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