While it hasn’t been as obvious lately, there is still a lot going on with the foster care ministry at Cornerstone. Several Cornerstone families are in the finishing steps of certification and will hopefully be approved by this January. There are a few other families who are not too far behind and will be ready to go not long after the first group. We will also be offering a second GPS (Group Preparation and Selection) Class kicking off the first part of January.

We have a new face on the foster care ministry team, Jamie Ignanga-Moussirou has volunteered to coordinate the needs of the foster families. As families are certified and begin to care for children, Jamie will be working with them to fill any needs they may have. Everything from beds and desks to diapers and strollers.

Jamie has a real heart for what we are doing with foster care. She loves kids and has two of her own. She has been to Uganda on two separate trips with Cornerstone and while there her focus was on children in the remand centers (or children’s prison).

We are excited to have Jamie as part of the foster care team. We are still getting our feet wet with this ministry and are building a solid foundation before we dive in completely. Jamie has some excellent wisdom and experience that we will need as we move forward. You can contact Jamie by sending her an email or catching her at church on Sundays, she attends the Hamilton Road site.

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