That’s right! We’re jamming all month long, complete with glow sticks and blow-up guitars, and we’re learning a lot about our great God, too! With exciting activities, lively worship, engaging Bible stories and small group lessons, our children are learning to build a beat together with this month’s virtue, Cooperation.

We are discovering that even though God is completely self-sufficient, He doesn’t work alone. Our kids are reminded that God can do anything. There is nothing He can’t do. He knows
everything and He sees everything, and He is powerful enough to make anything happen. Yet, He chooses to work with us. And, just like God doesn’t work alone, He doesn’t want us to work alone either. God designed us to work with others, to seek help from others, and to be ready to offer help to others.

Our memory verse for this month helps our kids understand that “Two people are better than one. They can help each other in everything they do,” (Ecclesiastes 4:9, NIrV). When we don’t cooperate with others, we will always be limited in what we can accomplish.

But we aren’t made to only work with other people. We are also made to cooperate with God. And, it’s when we learn how to work with God and others that, in His strength, we can do
incredible things.

Our Bible stories include the following themes or “bottom lines”:

  • With God, we can work together to get His work done. In Exodus 28:1, 3; 31:1-11; 35:21, 25, 34; 39:42-43, we see how the Israelites cooperated to build the tabernacle. All the skilled workers and artisans had to work together to build this first “church location” for God in the middle of the desert. We still work together as the church to accomplish God’s work. When we team with other people and rely on God’s strength, we can do what He asks us to do.
  • With God, we can work together to make someone else succeed. In Exodus 17:8-13, we see how cooperation helped Joshua win the battle over the Amalekites (Exodus 17:8-13). Moses, Aaron, and Hur were not the victors of the battle. Joshua was. Even though our society doesn’t emphasize helping others succeed, we see how these three men cooperated with God and each other to help Joshua succeed.
  • With God, we can work together to do what seems impossible. Nehemiah 1:1-6, 2–4; 6:1-16 tells of Nehemiah, a man who wasn’t afraid to ask for help with the impossible task of building the wall. Our tendency is to desire self-sufficiency, but teaching kids when to ask for help is important.
  • With God, we can work together to change someone’s life. In Luke 5:17-26 we see how cooperation led to Jesus healing a paralyzed man. Because the friends cooperated with Jesus and each other, the man walked out of that house. Whether we think about changing someone’s life through bringing them to Jesus, or through helping meet their physical needs, both require the combined efforts of teamwork.

Our awesome Cornerstone Kids volunteers will cooperate with one another this month as we help our kids discover that if we cooperate with God, and if we cooperate with others as God designed us to, we will see His power at work in our lives to do more than we could ever imagine!

Parents, don’t let the teaching stop on Sunday morning. We offer you wonderful resources to reinforce these lessons all week long at home. Take advantage of the handouts your children receive as you leave Rock City each week. Our Parent Cue offers great questions to jump start conversations about faith in your home and will help you reinforce what your kids are learning with us. Children love to learn God’s Word so practice this month’s Bible verse at home, too. The God Time handout offers you daily devotions you can use with your family. And, if you don’t have our Cornerstone Kids refrigerator magnet to hang up these handouts, just ask. We would love to give you one!

For more great information and resources, visit our parent resource page.

Jill Harris, Director of Children’s Ministry

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