Cornerstone Church Lee Scott

I wanted to share some important news with you about our leadership structure for Cornerstone Church that specifically relates to our Lee-Scott congregation.

As most of you know, the ultimate leadership body for Cornerstone Church is our Executive Team, comprised of both staff and lay persons from both of our Hamilton Road and Lee-Scott locations (about 16 people). This team is charged with leading in the overall vision and mission of Cornerstone Church…for all locations.

As we have continued to grow and learn with our new Lee-Scott congregation, our Executive Team and myself have sensed the need for a site-specific leadership body that would be dedicated to assessing and carrying out more local church operations. Thus, we have created the “Lee-Scott Leadership Team”.

This team exists as an extension of our Executive Team and submits to that overall leadership body. And like our Executive Team, it is comprised of both staff and lay persons. Next Sunday I’ll be introducing them to our congregation but wanted to go ahead and make them known to you now.

  • Amanda Hammett
  • Chad Bailey
  • John Sweatman
  • Josh Agerton (Staff – Site Pastor)
  • Beth Cofield (Staff – Children’s Ministry)
  • Jon Myles (Staff – Worship Leader)

I’m so grateful for each one of these leaders and their commitment to furthering the work of Christ among us. Please be in prayer for this Lee-Scott Leadership Team and Cornerstone Church as a whole as we continue in this great work God has called us all to.

Prayers & Faith – Josh

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