Kevin YostWelcome to the first post on the Exponential Movement site. I am Keven Yost, a member of the leadership team of the Exponential Movement at Cornerstone.

Since the submission of our initial pledges last year, we have kept a bit quiet… too quiet. This is one method we will use to better inform you of our progress. To see these updates, just visit the Exponential Movement section of our website, or go to and click on the “latest updates” graphic.

If you have been attending Cornerstone Church for the past year, you may recall the start of our Exponential Movement from last summer and fall. We came together and made financial pledges toward the three components of our Movement:

  • Pay off our debt
  • Improve and expand some areas of our Hamilton Road site, like Kids Town
  • Go multisite, one church in multiple locations.

We are just as committed to this Movement as we were last year. And, despite our silence, we have been working on each of these elements. We will be posting more about some of the specifics soon, so stay tuned.

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