During his message last Sunday Rusty asked us to do something. He asked us to pray and and he asked us to learn about foster care in Lee County. He asked us to do this during the summer as we move towards our next step as a church in the fall. We need to ask what can our role be to help impact the problem of children in foster care? Part of understanding that role is to know more aout the problem.

Caring for children in need of a home is something we are called to do as Christians (James 1:27). Here are some statistics that will help us understand the problem:

  • Number of children in foster care in the U.S.: 408,425
  • Number of children in foster care in Alabama: 5350
  • Period 2000 to 2009, the number of foster children in Alabama increased by 22.7%
  • The median age of children in foster care is 9.2 years. When looking at individual age years, however, the percentage of children per individual age year (1 through 19) is in single digits for all ages.
  • Median number of months in foster care: 14.0
  • 48% of foster family placements are with non-relatives
  • 51% of foster family placements have as their goal reunification with parents
  • 52% of children in foster care are male, 48% are female
  • 41% of children in foster care are white, 29% are black.
To learn more alongside other members of our Cornerstone family we have three lunches scheduled during the summer. These lunches are designed to answer some of the more common questions around foster care.
  • Sunday, May 20 at 12:30pm (Hamilton Road site)
  • Sunday, June 24 at noon (Lee-Scott site)
  • Sunday, July 29 at 12:30pm (Hamilton Road site)

Plan to attend at least one of these lunches. Being one church at two locations, you can attend any of the three lunches regardless of the location. Each lunch will include childcare, a light lunch and some great conversation about foster care. Soon you will see registration information on the Cornerstone website. There is no cost but through the registration process we can plan better.

If you have questions or need immediate information you can send an email to foster@cornerstonebuzz.org and either Jill Harris or I will get back with you.

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