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Other things you gotta know at Cornerstone this week:

  • Uganda Mission Trips
    • June 18-28 (closed trip for High School Seniors)
    • July 9-19 (open to all)
    • July 23-August 2 (closed trip for soccer players)
    • October 1-11 (open to all)

If you have any questions about these trips or just want more information, please email

  • Do you have any special parking needs (i.e. elderly, disabled or pregnant) on Sunday mornings, please let the parking team know (at either site) as you enter the parking lot. They will direct you to available designated parking.
  • Occupy Green Chair at Hamilton Road is a grassroots movement to fill every seat in the Worship Area during Worship on Sunday mornings. Please squeeze in to fill any empty seat, making room for all of our guests. Thanks for your help!
  • Save The Date for Camp Cornerstone! This year, Camp Cornerstone will be June 6-9th at Hamilton Road. Be on the look out for registration information on April 15.
  • Save the Date for Student Life Camp 2012 – Shocco Springs, Talladega, July 13-16. Look for registration coming April 15.
  • Joining and Infant Baptism is coming up April 15. To become a member of Cornerstone Church, you must attend Cornerstone Connect within the last year. If you would like to join or have your infant baptized, please contact Lynn at

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